New Mascot To Accompany New Accent Color at Heritage

By: Jo Rochelle

The 2016-2017 school year has boasted a number of changes. For starters, the Husky family welcomed our new principal, Mr. Lyons, at the beginning of the year. Heritage has also become a part of the WCPSS Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Cohort. In addition to these, new policies like those involving retests and senior tardies have been introduced. The dreaded NCFEs have made a comeback, as well, and we have introduced a new accent color. One might think that so many changes would be enough for one school year, but administration isn’t done yet.

There’s been a fair amount of criticism for our mascot. It’s not uncommon to hear someone say, “A husky? What kind of mascot is that? Huskies aren’t fierce! What, they just lick the competition to death?” Well, we heard the complaints loud and clear. So it was decided that the mascot would be changed. We needed a majestic animal that represented intuition, loyalty, and honesty. Something that would instill fear into the hearts of our rivals. Something that would embody strength and resilience in the face of opposition. Something undeniably fierce and just as cute.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our new mascot: Harold the Hedgehog!


Harold has received a lot of praise from students and faculty. Devin Fussa, a senior, was happy to welcome the mascot change. “I feel much better about having a hedgehog as our mascot. Hedgehogs are cool!” Other students and faculty shared Fussa’s sentiments, though some expressed their concern for what would become of the Husky. Worry not; the Husky will presently be retired, and a case will be built to house the costume and other Heritage Husky memorabilia. Feel free to donate anything from this era to the display.