New BYOD Initiative: Bring Your Own Desk

By: Briana McDonald

We all know the BYOD initiative that Wake County implemented this school year; the Bring Your Own Device policy employs many new guidelines for student technology use in schools. There is a Red, Yellow, and Green light system to let students know when and where they are allowed to be on their devices; the new BYOD WiFi network has also been utilized by students. But because of new budget cuts, Wake County will now be adding another policy to BYOD: Bring Your Own Desk.

Due to the financial blow of having two simultaneous WiFi networks (the old being Lunenberg and the new BYOD), Wake County will be selling all desks manufactured after 2012 to Durham County. Students will now be required to purchase their own desks from a manufacturer; Wake County suggests Columbia Manufacturing, Inc. based in Massachusetts, where the desks we currently use are manufactured. The desks from Columbia come in three colors: sand, slate, and space gray. Students are permitted to purchase any color as long as they meet the proper dimensions. The policy is set to be implemented at the start of the 2017-2018 school year.

We talked to a couple students about this new initiative. Greta Thompson, senior, says, “I don’t really care since I’m going to college next year.”

Ms. Raskin, a sophomore math teacher, also commented on the situation, lamenting that class transitions will now be even more difficult and crowded than before. “The county hasn’t decided yet whether to make students buy four desks, one for each class, or have them transport the desks from class to class. I can’t even imagine the sound of kids dragging their desks through the halls. That will be horrifying.”

Students can find the required dimensions and link to the recommended desks on the Wake County website. Comment your opinion on the new BYOD initiative below!