Heritage To Eliminate Reserved Parking Spaces, Increase Prices

By: Devin Fussa

During the 2017-2018 school year, the Heritage High School student parking lot will see the implementation of a new policy. Past years required students to register for parking by purchasing a pass during the Summer for $170. Instead, the Heritage administration has decided that students will no longer hold reserved parking spots, but will now simply park where there is space available. When students arrive in the mornings, they will be allowed to park in whatever spot they see fit, preferably based on ease of location. Students will no longer hold reserved spots. The same applies to transitions between lunch. An anonymous member of the Heritage High School administration gave the following statement: “Our school will make any changes necessary to improve student education, which in this case, includes allowing students to arrive at school quicker and more conveniently. Although the policy may seem slightly chaotic at first, we believe the situation will figure itself out.” Because of the newfound freedom granted by this policy, permission to park in the student lot will now be raised to a price of $350. With the additional funds given from the increased parking prices, the school hopes to give more funds to the football program. The school will monitor this new policy in the coming year, and decide whether this should become a long-standing rule.