Administration Announces: “No More Sweatpants”

By: Malena Esposito

Dress code rules have always seemed to strike up a controversy, whether it’s with parents, students, or administrators. Sometimes it seems like the list of things that can be worn is shorter than the list of things that can’t. And unfortunately, the list of things that can’t be worn seems to be growing after a source revealed that Heritage High School will be enforcing yet another dress code policy.

This new policy bans everyone’s favorite lazy day attire: sweatpants. The decision was made after extensive research was done on the clothing article, conducting that they caused a decrease in student performance, including slacking off in class and refusal to participate. The studies also showed that sweatpants led to an uncooperative mindset. By wearing clothes similar to pajamas, your body is relaxed, thinking it will remain in an immobile position, possibly even preparing for sleep. This mindset then causes the most receptive parts of the brain to shut down, so any information taught during class will not be truly understood.

In addition, the excessive wear of sweatpants has also been giving Heritage High School a bad reputation. “You see all these kids with these baggy, loose fitting pants, looking like they just woke up.” said a teacher, who wishes to remain anonymous. “It just isn’t presentable or acceptable. Our students are coming here to learn, not to take naps. You can’t learn in pajamas.”

The idea of the new ban was initially implemented after an administrator considered how it could affect the student’s future. “Before you know it, you’ll have kids coming into interviews and meetings wearing baggy sweatpants. We must stop this madness now before it becomes too late.”

This new policy will be put in effect the week of exams and will continue until further notice.