PREVIEW: Star Wars Rogue One

By: Devin Fussa

On December 16, a new Star Wars movie is set for a premier in theaters across the globe. Titled “Rogue One”, this film is considered a spin-off for the Star Wars franchise and is meant to take place between the third (the last of the prologues) and fourth (the first of the original trilogy) installments, respectively.

This movie includes a plethora of new characters, complete with a cast of highly-acclaimed actors. Felicity Jones plays the lead in character Jyn Erso, who joins the rebel forces in an attempt to combat the empire. The movie will focus on a “band of unlikely heroes” who set out to steal plans for building the Death Star, the Empire’s infamous planet destroyer. Also appearing in the film is Diego Luna as Captain Cassian Andor, Mads Mikkelsen as Galen Erso, and Ben Mendelsohn as Director Orson Krennic. For fans of the original trilogy, a familiar character is also set to make an appearance. Darth Vader will reappear on the screen for the first time since 1983. Although the longevity of his role is unknown, many will be thrilled to once again see the franchise’s most iconic villain.

According to many within the production team, Rogue One will be “different kind” of Star Wars movie and will focus more on the war-like side of the Star Wars universe. Hopefully, this film will be able to reinstill the nostalgia of the original movies, while providing a unique take on the series. With great actors and a great production team, it appears likely that this Star Wars movie could be one of the best yet for the franchise. It has also been confirmed that there will not be a sequel, as this film is set only as a singular spin-off. This revelation has raised speculation over the fate of Rogue One’s major characters, as none of them have a part in the original trilogy, either.

Following the release of Rogue One, Star Wars 8 and 9 will be revealed along with various other spin-off movies, including a singular Han Solo movie. With a running time of two hours and thirteen minutes and a rating of PG-13, Star Wars fans and casual moviegoers alike should consider watching this greatly-anticipated film.