By: Haven Bowers

It’s funny how much the world is easily engrossed by everything that goes on

racism, sexism, terrorism, economic issues

I could go on.

But we so easily forget, 

Are we not all human?

a needle could prick the finger of a million and they’d all bleed the same way.

a single person’s smile could make my day just as well as the next girl.

we all scrape our knees and make faces at select foods.

we all make mistakes

we all feel pain of differing levels,

but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less.

we all cry. tears are inevitable.

we’ve all felt love,

and happiness

heartache and heartbreak.


are what make you human.

there cannot be a single person who has not felt emotions

and feelings and real life because your trials & tribulations

and how you cope with them,

that is what defines you;

what makes you a human being.

what makes you, you.

A breathtaking breeze could come upon anyone and

they’d all still feel it’s warmth and comfort

as the sweet air presses against their cheeks & they feel free because

there is nothing

at that moment there is no war, 

no wondering about when you’ll die

no worries.

if only such bliss exists.


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