Honor Society Hours Cheat Sheet

By: Kara Haselton

There are many benefits that come from working hard and getting exceptional grades in school. One of the benefits is getting more opportunities to build your resume, such as being accepted into various honor societies. Now it’s one thing to get invited to join an honor society, but it’s another to keep up with the high standards of maintaining that position. Not only do you have to be present at essentially every meeting, but you have to make sure you finish the total amount of required hours in various activities.

National Honor Society (NHS) is the largest honor society at Heritage, and one of the only societies held at nearly every high school across the country. For those of you who are unaware, NHS students need 8 hours of service per semester. From there, the hours are broken down into different types of service events and activities.

Sponsored events are activities held by Heritage and or Heritage’s NHS. For example, NHS supports the Brown Bag Ministry one Saturday each month. If you join the club and serve with them at those times, you can use those as sponsored hours. Five of the eight hours are supposed to be sponsored. So, follow Heritage’s NHS twitter @NHSHusky and listen to the daily announcements for updates on events you can participate in.

Unsponsored events are service ideas that you initiate or do on your own. This could be if you serve alongside your church somewhere or regularly volunteer at a nursing home. Or if you have a service idea that you wanted to put together with other friends but it wasn’t established by NHS. Actually, NHS just made an announcement on their website that if you participate in the Brown Bag Ministry on any day NHS as a club is not participating, those hours can be considered unsponsored. You need three unsponsored hours each semester, so keep your eye out for opportunities in your community.

Along with eight service hours, two Enrichment activities are needed. Enrichment activities are a little different — there’s no service involved. Things like visiting college campuses, going to museums, festivals like the international festival that occurred a couple weeks ago, or a theater performance such as Footloose, can count as enrichment activities.

While NHS is the largest and most extensive honor society, there are other honor societies for virtually every overarching school subject, including languages.

Math Honor Society (MHS), or also known as Mu Alpha Theta, is for, you guessed it, those people that excel in math subjects. In order to be accepted into MHS, you have to have at least a 4.0 math GPA.

But just like NHS, Math Honor Society also requires its members to have a total of 10 hours invested in service each semester. Since MHS is basically only focused on… math… there are fewer varied opportunities. But activities such as tutoring other students and friends in a lower math than you are currently taking, going to a math teacher’s room during Husky Help to assist the teacher or students, or staying after school with study hall to tutor students can all count as hours. In addition, one enrichment activities is required each semester. However, it still is not decided what activities could be considered “enrichment.” The MHS presidents, Emilie Phan and Andrew Knudson were discussing maybe holding different events similar to TEDTalks, but it has not been established yet. This article will be updated when more information is known.

English Honor Society (EHS) is a new addition at Heritage, this year being their first. EHS requires members to have five service hours each semester. But like MHS, it’s difficult to find many service hours regarding English. It’s recommended that you help tutor students that need help with essays or any other English work during study hall or husky help, or help teachers in their classroom with things like grading. However, if you have any other ideas about possible English service hours, it’s encouraged to ask the advisors about it.

Another honor society that Heritage offers is Science Honor Society. Like Math and English, it requires service hours but in regardance to science. Four hours per quarter are required for members, as well as one enrichment activity per semester. One of these hours must be spent tutoring students at Heritage in either math or science, and the other three can come from outside activities.