Publix Opens to Serve the Wake Forest Community

By: Malena Esposito

Publix is a Southern-based supermarket chain that first opened in 1930 in Winter Haven, Florida. Eighty-five years later, there are over 1100 locations in the U.S. ranging from Alabama to North Carolina. Publix was first brought to North Carolina two years ago in Charlotte. Much to every Southerner’s delight, a location recently opened in Wake Forest on Forestville Road.

I spoke with the store manager, Chris Hogue, and asked him some questions about what we can expect from the new supermarket. In addition to offering their party-planning service, “Apron Event Planning”, Publix also features “Online Easy Ordering.” This is a fast, effective way for Heritage students going off-campus during lunch to enjoy their food without worrying about being late to class. Custom sub sandwiches, baked goods, and seafood platters can be ordered by going online to the Publix website. At checkout, you select what time you will be picking up your food. This allows quick access to your food without waiting in line and without worrying about getting back to class on time.

Hogue stood firm with his business when asked about impending competition from the Harris Teeter location just across the street and when asked about losing business due to the temporary closing of the Rogers Road bridge. Hogue said that he is not worried about either of these variables negatively affecting business, and although it will be tough, he remains confident that Publix has the quality to retain customers. Publix also benefits our Husky community through sponsorship. Students, teachers and parents of Heritage can receive a lanyard that shows you are a member of our school. With this lanyard, purchases made at the Wake Forest Publix location will be part of a check written out to Heritage High School that helps support us.

Publix acquires imports of dry goods and produce such as fruits and vegetables from farms located right here in North Carolina. As well as their own coupons, Publix accepts coupons from competitors such as Lowes Foods, Kroger, Harris Teeter, and Food Lion. Overall, the Publix supermarket is a “fresh” addition to our neighborhood and should be used as an advantage to the HHS community.