Senior Exemption Changes

By: Chris Long

This year, administration has rolled out a new policy on how tardies affect senior exemptions. The change comes as seniors continue to rack up tardies, especially in first and third periods at the beginning of the day and after lunch. “Seniors have an issue getting to school on time,” says Mrs. Hinds, “and even with all the consequences that we already have in place, some seniors still don’t care.” Now to try and combat that attitude, if a senior gets 15 cumulative tardies across all of their classes, they will not be exempt from any exams. This means that even if all 15 tardies come in first period, the senior will lose their exemptions in all four classes. “Basically, this is just another attempt to get seniors to school on time,” says Mrs. Hinds.

Also a change from last year, Wake County is bringing back the North Carolina Final Exams(NCFEs). Last year, Wake County Public Schools received a waiver to be excluded from the administration of the NCFEs for one year. So, while the rest of the state had to take the state-made finals, Wake County students were excluded and teachers produced their own final exams. This year, the exemption is over, so all Wake County students are back to taking the state-made final exams. Unfortunately for seniors, there are no exemptions on the NCFEs. That means that any senior taking a class that has an NCFE at the end of the course has to take the final no matter how many absences they have in that class. The NCFEs will be counted as 20% of a student’s final grade in the class, similar to the weight of teacher made exams in the past.

Classes that have an NCFE at the end of the course include English I, III, and IV; Math II, III, Precalculus, Discrete Math, and Advanced Functions and Modeling; Physical Science, Earth/Environmental Science, Chemistry, and Physics; Civics and Economics, World History, and American History I and II. The state made End-of-Course (EOC) tests in Biology, English II, and Math I will continue to be given, but that is no change.


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