Weekly Sports Update 5-8-16

By: Chris Long and Joel Bryant

Photos by: Sean Stoyko

This week the Huskies wrapped up the regular season in softball, baseball, and women’s soccer and Lacrosse began their playoffs. Missed any of it? You’re in the right place. Below, we’ve organized our updates from each of the five major sports into individual sections. Each section includes a mini-recap, scores, and a player of the week. Scores and stats are derived from MaxPreps. Unfortunately, many other schools have failed to submit scores on MaxPreps, so the standings in lacrosse may not be accurate. Let us know if we need to make a correction.

Keep your eye out for the release of softball, baseball, and women’s soccer state playoff brackets which should be released sometime on Monday.


Varsity Softball

The Lady Huskies won two games this week to become conference champions for the first time in school history. The ladies began the week at Enloe where they quickly put 10 runs on the board and won by mercy rule after 5 innings. Then, after many days of rain the ladies were able to finally get back in action on Saturday afternoon against Wakefield. The game that followed was one of the highest scoring games of the year that the Huskies have been a part of. The teams went back and forth and were tied 9-9 in the bottom of the 5th inning when Mandi Burnette smashed a 2 run shot over the center field wall to put the Huskies permanently on top 11-9. With the conference win in the books the Huskies turn their sights toward the state playoffs. As a winner of the conference, the ladies are guaranteed to have a home game in the first round which will take place Wednesday night.

Results: 5/4 @ Enloe (W 10-0), 5/7 vs. Wakefield (W 11-9), vs. Broughton (W by forfeit)

Cap-8 Final Standings:  1. Huskies (13-1, 18-3), 2. Wake Forest (11-3, 17-6), 3. Wakefield (10-3, 13-7), 4. Millbrook (7-6, 10-10), 5. Leesville Road (7-6, 7-9), 6. Enloe (4-10, 8-15), 7. Sanderson (1-12, 1-17), 8. Broughton (1-13, 1-20)

Player of the Week: Hayley Lambersten was 2-for-2 with a walk in Saturday’s game against Wakefield. The senior also batted in a run and scored two runs of her own to push the Huskies to their first ever conference championship.

Up Next: TBD (Playoffs)


Varsity Baseball

The Diamond Huskies this week had another hard fought week of baseball. To begin, the Huskies took on Millbrook with first place in the Cap-8 in the balance on Wednesday. Despite having the bases loaded twice, the Huskies were unable to muster a run against Millbrook. On the flip side, Vinny Bailey gave up only 2 unearned runs in 4.1 innings of work but those two runs were enough to down the Huskies. After the tough loss the Huskies had a few few days to rest before being back in action on Saturday against Broughton. While again the Huskies left many men on base, 4 were able to score which was enough to defeat the Capitals. While a second game on Saturday was scheduled to be played against Wakefield the two schools could not mutually agree to play. Since this was the case, the game was dropped from each team’s record and the Huskies had to settle for third place in the conference. That being said, the Huskies will still have an automatic bid into the state playoffs where it is possible that the first round game will be held at home. We will know if that is true or not when the brackets are released on Monday afternoon.

Results: 5/4 @ Millbrook (L 2-0), 5/7 vs. Broughton (W 4-2)

Cap-8 Final Standings: 1. Sanderson (11-3, 16-7), 2. Millbrook (10-3, 15-8), 3. Huskies (10-3. 18-4), 4. Leesville Road (7-5, 9-12), 5. Leesville Road (4-4, 5-11), 6. Wakefield (6-6, 10-11) 7. Broughton (3-10, 7-17), 8. Enloe (0-14, 1-21-1)

Player of the Week: Joe Procopio gave up only 2 runs on 4 hits in the Huskies win against Broughton on Saturday. The senior also struck out 4 and walked only 1 in the win.

Up Next: TBD (Playoffs)


Varsity Women’s Soccer

The Women’s soccer team did what they needed to do this week to qualify for the state playoffs. The Huskies and Broughton Capitals played on Tuesday night and due to quality goaltending on both sides there was no score at the end of regulation. That changed when Alcenia Purnell scored the go-ahead goal in the overtime period to give the Huskies a much needed 1-0 win. The ladies then wrapped up their season on Friday night in a tough 2-1 loss to Wakefield. The Huskies now turn their attention to the state playoffs where they will enter as the 3 seed from the Cap-8 conference. The brackets will be released on Monday afternoon and the first round will be played on Wednesday.

Results: 5/4 @ Broughton (W 1-0), 5/6 vs. Wakefield (L 2-1)

Cap-8 Final Standings:  1. Leesville Road (10-1-2, 18-1-2), 2. Millbrook (10-1-2, 14-2-2), 3. Huskies (8-5-1, 11-6-2), 4. Sanderson (8-5-1, 13-6-3), 5. Wakefield (7-6-1, 12-6-1), 6. Broughton (4-7-1, 5-10-2), 7. Wake Forest (3-11, 8-12), 8. Enloe (0-13, 4-16)

Player of the Week: Sara Mcinnerney held Broughton scoreless on Wednesday, and only allowed two goals to a high scoring Wakefield team in the loss on Friday.

Up Next:  TBD (Playoffs)


Varsity Men’s Lacrosse

Men’s Lacrosse marched through the first two rounds of the playoffs this week with two decisive wins against JH Rose in the first round and New Burn in the second round. The 5 seed Huskies took on the wild card JH Rose in the first round and were up big only minutes into the first quarter. The final score of the game was 16-6 with half of the JH Rose goals coming the the fourth quarter. In the second round the Huskies took to the road to take on the number 1 seed Bears of New Burn. Within the first few minutes the Huskies had five quick goals up on the Bears. By the end of the third quarter Heritage had an 8-0 lead over New Bern. The Huskies held on to beat the Bears 15-5 and will move on to the regional semifinal where they will take on Middle Creek on Tuesday night.

Results: 5/4 vs. JH Rose (W 16-6), 5/6 @ New Burn (W 15-5)

Conference 4 Final Standings:  1. Broughton (9-1, 17-1), 2. Leesville Road (7-1, 12-4), 3. Millbrook (6-3, 11-6), 4. Wakefield (5-3, 12-5), 5. Huskies (5-3, 8-8), 6. Enloe (6-4, 10-9), 7. Sanderson (3-6, 5-9)8. Garner Magnet (1-8, 2-14)

Up Next: 5/10 @ Middle Creek (State playoffs: 3rd round)


Varsity Women’s Lacrosse

The Lady Huskies ended a very successful season with a tough loss in the first round of the state playoffs at Topsail. NOTE: other teams on MaxPreps have failed to submit non-conference scores, so the standings are probably off.

Results: 5/4 @ Topsail (L 14-3)

Conference 4 Final Standings:  1. Broughton (6-0, 11-2), 2. Wakfield (8-1, 14-1), 3. Millbrook (6-2, 12-4) 4. Leesville Road (4-2, 7-6), 5. Huskies (4-3, 8-8), 6. Sanderson (3-5, 6-9), 7. Enloe (2-7, 4-11), 8. Wake Forest (2-7, 2-10)