@WCPSS Admin Gets Internship at BuzzFeed, Finally

By: Emily Davis

@WCPSS admin, Lloyd, has been offered that internship at BuzzFeed, finally. It was announced via the locally famous Twitter account on Tuesday morning, following the news that Lloyd had been recruited by the popular media website, BuzzFeed. With almost 120,000 followers, the @WCPSS account is famous for it’s snow day tweets and sassy replies to disgruntled students and parents alike.

According to BuzzFeed Assistant Editor, Robi, the Twitter account’s goofy, occasionally childish humor is what secured the gig for Lloyd. “That snark and banter that is able to get on that same level with much younger, immature students is just what we are looking for at the Buzz,” the young, self-important editor told reporters.

Lloyd acts out his favorite #emjoi, Praise Hands, upon hearing the news
Lloyd has been working for @WCPSS for about a year now, putting his $24,000 communications degree to great use monitoring timelines, retweeting pictures of student activities, school festivals, and memes. “I’ll never forget all the stuff I’ve learned running the account, nor all the students I’ve blocked,” Lloyd stated in an impromptu press conference. “I’m going to miss it a little, and I know those crazy kids are going to miss me too.”

(April Fools)