Teacher Shocks Class With Admission That She Is “Not An Artist”

By: Emily Davis

WAKE FOREST, NC – Sandra Wolenski, Honors Pre-Calculus and Intro to College Math teacher at Heritage High School, shocked students Tuesday after admitting that she is “No Artist,” to her second period ICM class.

According to eyewitness accounts, the class was mid-lesson when Wolenski, upon drawing a circular diagram on the board, openly divulged to her 30 student class that she was not an artist.

Reportedly, students of Wolenski, Crusader of Truth, were shocked; many walking out of the period 20 minutes later, still dazed by the revelation.

“We were all really caught off guard, I think,” said 17 year-old student Hope Miles, “like, not a lot of teachers would share something like that with their students… I feel like now I understand Ms. W a lot better, and her diagrams too!”

“Of course everyone assumed that she was classically trained, so I think the class is still processing the information,” said teacher assistant and State graduate Annie Collins, who told the Herald that even she wasn’t aware of this clearly difficult part Ms. Wolenski’s life. “I admire her even more now, as both a teacher and a personal mentor,” Collins stated.

School officials were also surprised by Wolenski’s admission. Principal Dr. Mark Savage told the Herald, “We encourage an open dialogue between our staff and students. However we did not anticipate Sandra’s news. I was just as surprised as anybody.”

Wolenski “the Honest” shared this brief statement with the Herald via email:

“I’m in no way ashamed or secretive about my lack of artistic gifts. I try really hard to draw well and I never do it justice. This news may come as a shock, and it may take some time for my students to process, but I don’t regret my statement. I think my students and I will benefit from this newfound transparency.”  

“That kind of information feels really personal, and not a lot of teachers here have the guts to say that,” said 18 year-old student Bryan King, adding, “Ms. W is pretty cool.”

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