Weekly Sports Update: 3-19-16

By: Chris Long and Joel Bryant

Photos by: Sean Stoyko

Heritage had a very exciting third week of spring sports going 6-3-1 over all sports. Missed any of it? You’re in the right place. Below, we’ve organized our updates from each of the five major sports into individual sections. Each section includes a mini-recap, scores, and a player of the week. Scores and stats are derived from MaxPreps. Unfortunately, many other schools have failed to submit scores on MaxPreps, so the standings in lacrosse can only reflect overall record. Let us know if we need to make a correction.

This is the final full week before spring break, so keep your eye out for a shorter version of our spring sports update next weekend.


Varsity Softball

The Lady Huskies cruised to a 3-0 week starting with a lopsided 20-0 win at Sanderson on Tuesday afternoon. They followed that up with a big win against the SWAC’s Fuquay-varina on Wednesday and finished out the week by using a 12 run second inning to blow out Enloe 19-2 on Friday night.

Results:  3/15 @ Sanderson (W 20-0), 3/16 vs. Fuquay-Varina (W 8-7), 3/18 vs. Enloe (W 19-2)

Cap-8 Standings:  1. Huskies (3-0, 7-2), 2. Wake Forest (2-0, 5-3), 3. Wakefield (2-1, 4-3-1), 4. Millbrook (2-1, 3-5), 5. Leesville Road (1-1, 1-3), 6. Broughton (0-2, 1-5), 7. Sanderson (0-2, 0-5), 8. Enloe (0-3, 4-5)

Player of the Week: Jordan Gontram had another huge week. She had 10 RBIs, 5 hits, and 3 homers.

Up Next: 3/22 @ Wake Forest


Varsity Baseball

The Diamond Huskies suffered their first loss of the season Wednesday night to a tough Sanderson Spartan squad. They followed that up with a dominating 16-1 win against Enloe on Friday night. Joe Procopio, Conner Matzuga, and Tyler Porter combined to give up only 1 run, and Channie Renn went 3-for-3 in the winning effort for the Huskies.

Results: 3/16 @ Sanderson (L 3-2), 3/18 vs. Enloe (W 16-1)

Cap-8 Standings: 1. Millbrook (3-0, 5-3), 2. Huskies (2-1, 6-1), 3. Wake Forest (2-1. 6-2), T4. Wakefield (2-1, 5-3), T4. Sanderson (2-1, 5-3), 6. Leesville Road (1-2, 2-6) 7. Broughton (0-3, 4-5), 8. Enloe (0-3, 1-8)

Player of the Week: Channie Renn had a monster game on Friday night against Enloe. Renn went 3 for 3 including a 3-run shot onto the hill in left that put the Huskies up 16-1 in the fourth.

Up Next:  3/22 @ Wake Forest, 3/25 vs. Holy Springs


Varsity Women’s Soccer

Husky Soccer had another very successful week this week going 1-0-1. The week began with a rain-shortened no score tie against Leesville Road on Monday night. The News and Observer had a more comprehensive recap here. The Huskies then used their speed to defeat the Sanderson Spartans 5-1 on Wednesday night. The News and Observer also had a nice recap of this game and it can be viewed here. Next the Huskies look toward games at Enloe on Monday night and home against the rival Cougars of Wake Forest on Wednesday.

Results: 3/14 vs. Leesville Road (T 0-0), 3/16 @ Sanderson (W 5-1)

Cap-8 Standings:  1. Millbrook (2-0, 6-1), 2. Leesville (1-0-1, 7-0-1), 3. Wakefield (1-0-1, 6-0-1), 4. Huskies (1-0-1, 4-1-2), 5. Sanderson (0-1-1, 4-2-3), 6. Wake Forest (0-1, 4-2), 7. Broughton (0-1, 1-3-1), 8. Enloe (1-2-1)

Player of the Week: Sophomore Michaella Arteta had two goals and an assist in the Husky’s big 5-1 win against Sanderson on Wednesday night.

Up Next:  3/21 @ Enloe, 3/23 vs. Wake Forest


Varsity Men’s Lacrosse

The Men’s Lacrosse team registered their second win of the season this week against the Garner Trojans. On Monday the Huskies dropped a tough game against Broughton where they gave up 6 goals in the third quarter, but they bounced back on Friday easily defeating Garner. Next week the Huskies host Wake Forest for the first time ever in lacrosse when the first year Cougars take the cross town trip to Husky Stadium.

Results: 3/15 @ Broughton (L 11-5), 3/18 vs. Garner (W 16-3)

Conference 4 Standings:  T1. Broughton (6-0), T1. Wakefield (6-0), 3. Millbrook (5-2), 4. Leesville Road (4-2), 5. Enloe (4-4), 6. Huskies (2-5), 7. Sanderson (1-3)8. Garner Magnet (1-6)

Player of the Week: Evan Savage

Up Next:  3/22 vs. Wake Forest


Varsity Women’s Lacrosse

The Lady Huskies only had one game this week and it was against the second place team in the conference. The Huskies fought hard but ultimately dropped the loss against the Capitals. Next week the Huskies will travel across town to play the Wake Forest Cougars in their last game before spring break. NOTE: other teams on MaxPreps have failed to submit non-conference scores, so the standings are probably off. We Also need someone to submit a player of the week.

Results:  3/15 vs. Broughton (L 21-3)

Conference 4 Standings:  1. Wakefield (7-0), 2. Broughton (5-1), 3. Millbrook (5-2) 4. Huskies (4-3), 5. Sanderson (3-3), 6. Leesville Road (2-2), T6. Enloe (2-4), 8. Wake Forest (1-4)

Up Next:  3/22 @ Wake Forest