Weekly Sports Update: 3-5-16

By: Chris Long and Joel Bryant

Photos by: Sean Stoyko

The first week of spring sports is already over and there is a lot to talk about. Below, we’ve organized our updates from each of the five major sports into individual sections. Each section includes a mini-recap, scores, and a player of the week. Scores and stats are derived from MaxPreps. Let us know if we need to make a correction.


Varsity Softball

The softball team enjoyed a solid 2-1 start to the season. Last year, they finished 20-4 and made it to the third round of the state playoffs. After only losing four seniors from last season, this year’s team looks poised for a good outing. Next week, they will face a challenge in defending 4A State Champions Conley as well as face a much-improved Rolesville team again.

Results: 3/1 @ Rolesville (L 3-1), 3/2 vs. Athens Drive (W 15-1), 3/3 vs. Jordan (W 15-0)

Cap-8 Standings:  1. Enloe (2-0), T2. Wake Forest (1-0), T2. Broughton (1-0), 4. Huskies (2-1), 5. Millbrook (1-2), 6. Wakefield (0-1-1), 7. Leesville Road (0-1), 8. Sanderson (0-2)

Player of the Week: Imani Rochelle. The sophomore hit back-to-back home runs against Athens Drive and threw a no-hitter against Jordan the next day.

Up Next: 3/8 vs. Rolesville, 3/9 @ Conley, 3/11 vs. Leesville Road


Varsity Baseball

The baseball team started off the 2016 with a perfect 3-0 record. After handling Rolesville by ten runs, the Diamond Huskies came home and won in two exciting games against Athens Drive and Jordan. Not a bad start for coach Joe John and what is essentially a new group of players. They will face Rolesville once again on Tuesday. On Friday, they’ll have an opportunity to present Leesville a present from the rest of the athletics department. 

Results: 3/1 @ Rolesville (W 12-2), 3/2 vs. Athens Drive (W 9-5), 3/3 vs. Jordan (W 13-9)

Cap-8 Standings: T1. Huskies (3-0), T1. Wake Forest (3-0), 3. Broughton (2-1), T4. Millbrook (1-1), T4. Wakefield (1-1), T6. Sanderson (1-2), T6. Leesville Road (1-2), 8. Enloe (0-3)

Player of the Week: Freshman Vito Patierno. He reached base 8 times (2 Doubles, 2 singles, 2 Walks, & 2 errors) and was very consistent over the first 3 games.

Up Next: 3/8 vs. Rolesville, 3/11 vs. Leesville Road


Varsity Women’s Soccer

The Women’s Soccer team split their opening games. On Tuesday, they hit Rolesville with the mercy rule. Yesterday, they fell to Jacksonville (North Carolina) 3-1 in the Battle of the Beach. Today, they will take on New Bern at the same event.

Results: 3/1 @ Rolesville (W 9-0), 3/4 @ Jacksonville (L 3-1)

Cap-8 Standings:  T1. Sanderson (2-0), T1. Millbrook (2-0), T1. Leesville Road (2-0), T1. Wakefield (2-0), T5. Huskies (1-1), T5. Wake Forest (1-1), 7. Enloe (1-2), 8. Broughton (0-1-1)

Players of the Week: Sophomore Kayla Cook and freshman Hayley Boyles both scored two goals against Rolesville.

Up Next: 3/5 vs. New Bern, 3/8 @ Rolesville, 3/9 @ Garner


Varsity Men’s Lacrosse

First time varsity head coach Craig Ferguson and his team kicked off the season in a big way with a 13-2 victory over a rising Rolesville Lacrosse program. Unfortunately, they struggled to keep up with Wakefield yesterday, falling to the Wolverines 14-5.

Results: 3/1 @ Rolesville (W 13-2), 3/4 vs. Wakefield (L 14-5)

Cap-8 Standings:  T1. Broughton (2-0), T1. Wakefield (2-0), 3. Enloe (1-0), T4. Huskies (1-1), T4. Millbrook (1-1), T6. Garner (0-1), T6. Sanderson (0-1), 8. Leesville Road (0-2)

Player of the Week: Goalie Blake Glenn only gave up 2 goals against Rolesville.

Up Next: 3/8 @ Millbrook, 3/9 @ Jordan, 3/11 vs. Leesville Road


Varsity Women’s Lacrosse

The Lady Huskies had a strong week to kick off the season. After a blazing 16-0 victory over Rolesville, they came away with a thrilling victory 11-10 on the road against Panther Creek. Like the guys, they couldn’t keep pace with a very experienced Wakefield team.

Results: 3/1 @ Rolesville (W 16-0), 3/3 @ Panther Creek (W 11-10), 3/4 @ Wakefield (L 18-1)

Cap-8 Standings:  T1. Wakefield (2-0), T1. Broughton (2-0), 3. Huskies (2-1), T4. Millbrook (1-1), T4. Sanderson (1-1), T4. Enloe (1-1), T7. Leesville Road (0-1), T7. Wake Forest (0-1)

Player of the Week:  Senior Carly Sullivan led the team with 9 goals and 4 assists.

Up Next: 3/8 vs. Millbrook, 3/9 vs. Jordan, 3/11 @ Leesville Road