Lion King Performers Visit HHS

By: Kara Haselton

This Monday, Heritage Theater hosted Lion King players, Gerald Ramsey and Yael Alano Pineda, for a Q & A with the theater, dance, and chorus classes. Yael Alano Pineda, a Lion King cast alumni and mother of two Heritage students, was making her second annual visit to the school and brought along current cast member, Gerald Ramsey. Ramsey is in his first year with the touring company which is currently playing at DPAC, as the famous Mufasa. Both Pineda and Ramsey shared multiple musical selections as well as useful advice and great stories about their unique journeys into the world of theater.

Ramsey shared how he deals with his pre-show nerves and possible on-stage mistakes by using the phrase, “but did you die?” Explaining that despite any lapses on stage, the situation is not as grave as it may seem. Ramsey also went on to say, “I’m still evolving now to become the best Mufasa I can be,” to remind the audience of how he still has much to learn in his career as a performer.

Ramsey and Pineda performed several parts of the song “He Lives in You” along with other selections from the show in which they displayed their breathtaking vocal talent and amazing performance skills. The arts classes are all very grateful to Yael Alano Pineda for dedicating her time and to Ramsey for spending his day-off to talk one-on-one with our aspiring Heritage performers and offer their encouragement.