Cut the Label

By: Kara Haselton

Cut the Label®  is a movement centered around changing the way people are viewed in society. Heritage High School’s GSA club recently got involved with this movement due to a connection of former administrator and GSA advisor, Ms. Millie. Cut the Label® was founded locally, but intends to spread their message throughout all of society. The main purpose of this movement is to get people to see each other as human beings — to see them as people with stories and personalities. “It’s to help people realize that we’re all human beings, not just what we label each other as,” added Emily Burger, the co-president of GSA with Anna Katherine Barbee. The Cut the Label® website states, “We are not first A Religion, A Sexual Orientation, an Addiction, A Diagnosis, Formerly Educated-Not, Republican-Not, Rich-Not. If you can be my friend then I can be yours based on what makes you a YOU.” Society tends to view people through labels such as these and Cut the Label® is determined to change those misconceptions. Anna Katherine Barbee mentioned that she likes the idea of Cut the Label and she said, “I think it’s a really cool thing to do because it’s spreading awareness of tolerance for everyone.” Cut the Label® has also created t-shirts that can be bought on their website. GSA was provided with free Cut the Label® t-shirts, thanks to the generosity of the Cut the Label® founder.

If you are interested in being a part of Cut the Label, contributing to it’s goal, or buying a Cut the Label® t-shirt, contact GSA for more information, or go to and visit them on their social media pages.