Carpooling Parents Wait 10 Minutes at Stop Sign, Just to be Sure

By: Joel Bryant

Today’s society, in a word, is treacherous. It seems that wherever you look, there is always a threat imminent.

This is especially true when it comes to modern day traffic, particularly on high school campuses. According to a new study by the North Carolina Department of Transportation, carpool drivers rate their morning commute as the #2 most dangerous aspect of their daily lives, behind reading the comments section on WRAL. It’s easy to see why driving their kids to school is so dangerous to many of these parents. They have to navigate long lines of other cars, dodge students, and are forced to follow the directions of some security officer. Due to the present danger, carpool parents from around the country are beginning to exaggerate some rules of the road to avoid any injury.

Locally, a group of parents are going to admirable lengths to protect their well-being during the dreaded morning commute.

The group is directing their focus towards the intersection of Foundation Drive and the student parking lot. They call this intersection one of the most dangerous in the county. To protect themselves and their children, the parents have begun to come to a complete, 10-minute-long-stop at this stop sign.


“You know, you just never know when some kind of tractor-trailer can come blazing through that intersection,” said Ashley Ripley, a mother of a sophomore at Heritage, “You have to be as safe as you can be.”

Another Heritage parent, Jackson Montgomery, opened up about the situation and how he will continue to fight the system with his studious driving.

“When I pull up to that stop sign in the morning, I make sure I stop and wait there as long as possible. I have my baby (Dehlila Montgomery, Junior) in the passenger seat, you know? I need to make sure she gets to school safe.”

“It’s a sick world out there,” Montgomery added.