Week 4 Preview: Will Heritage Ever Win Another Game?!?!?!?!?!

By: Chris Long and Joel Bryant


Obviously, this headline is a joke. After the Huskies’ second consecutive defeat last Thursday, there has been a lot of overreacting. Unfortunately for the team, it would seem that many supporters of Heritage Athletics have written them off for the remainder of the season. While the two losses were not ideal, they don’t mean it’s the end of the world. The problem is, and we are definitely guilty of it, that expectations were set far too high. After the win over Green Hope, everything that was supposed to hinder the team flew out the window in the minds of Husky Fans. New coaching staff, losing over 20 seniors, extremely young offensively- none of that mattered anymore. A team with so much going against it is bound to hit roadblocks, and that is exactly what the two losses were.

Let’s take a look at the losses to Rolesville and Knightdale. One was lost in overtime on a ridiculous play (and some naughty zebras). The other was lost due to perfect execution on trick plays by the opposition. Most importantly, both losses came not only on the road, but in the home openers of their opponents. Winning road games is in no way impossible, but it is certainly more difficult in the tougher environments. Which reminds us, which school is the toughest place to play in the region? Oh, right. Five of the Huskies’ final eight games are at home, starting this Friday as they take on Jordan.

About Jordan

Charles E. Jordan High School, located in Durham opened in 1963. Jordan plays in the PAC-6 with other schools from Durham like Northern and Hillside. Generally, they are pretty decent athletically, but the football team has struggled as of late. Jordan’s varsity football team is 5-31 since 2012, including their 0-3 start this season. The Falcons have only scored 6 points in each game, while giving up an average of 37.

History vs. Jordan

Heritage has never faced Jordan in football.


The following is the discussion segment, where Joel and Chris will debate key aspects of tomorrow’s game.

Biggest Question

Chris: Will the Huskies limit the penalties? Penalties have killed the Huskies in the first three games of the season, and countless big plays have had to be called back. In the Knightdale game alone, 4 or 5 “big” plays were called back on Husky penalties. Heritage needs to stop giving away free yards.

Joel: Will the special teams rebound from their disappointing performance? In the first two games of the season, Heritage’s special teams unit was excellent. Against Knightdale, however, they took a step back. Parker George missed his first field goal, the kickoff team allowed 3 huge returns, and one of the snaps to the punter went haywire, allowing Knightdale to get great field position at a crucial point in the game. If the special teams can play up to the level of the first two games, Heritage’s chances of making the playoffs will go up greatly.

Players To Watch

C: Brandon Felton. Brandon had a some huge tackles on very important plays last week that kept the game close. Look for him to make a big impact again this week on the defensive side of the ball.

J: Zach Gemmell. The junior receiver caught 7 passes for 156 yards in week 3. The Holmberg-Gemmell connection is getting better by the week. Expect him to put up more big numbers against Jordan (and in the many weeks that follow).


C: Jordan 23, Heritage 22. All of my predictions have been wrong. May the trend continue.

J:  Heritage 38, Jordan 13. I have a feeling that the offense is finally going to take off this week.

Game Information

Location: Heritage High School

Kickoff:  7:00

Cost: $7

Attire: America Out (not 9/11)