Welcome to the New Heritage Herald

By: The Herald Staff

Greetings fellow Huskies! We hope you had a great summer break. Today we are officially launching HeritageHerald.com, our new and vastly improved online gateway for all of our publication’s content.

With this ever-changing world of media, it is imperative for all newspapers and publications to quickly adapt in order to fit the desires of their audience. Our previous website failed to make an impact on many levels, while at the same time showed us the potential for an online division of The Heritage Herald. And so, creating an easier and more powerful website was our number one priority over the summer. We can now exceed the capabilities of the typical student-run newspaper.

Let’s take a tour of this new look website and see all of the new things it has to offer.


websitescreenshot1  websitescreenshot2

The new homepage was designed to be bold and eye-catching. Our previous website had an extremely simple and confined homepage, so creating something that will captivate our audience was a must. The very top of the homepage features 6 bold blocks which display our latest and most prominent articles. Below that, we have our easy-to-use navigation menu. Containing links for News, Editorials, School Life, Entertainment, Technology, and Sports, the menu will enable the user to find what they want to read in a very quick and concise manner. As you scroll down the page, the menu will travel with you to make your experience even more convenient.

Most exciting about the home of our brand new site is the page’s versatility. Instead of being limited to only posting articles like we had been in the past, our new homepage will allow us to embed more media- including videos, music, podcasts, quick updates & more. As you can see in the image above, a highlight reel of this past Track & Field season was embedded to the brand new page.


websitescreenshot3  websitescreenshot4

The appearance of articles has received enormous improvements. Each article page now features a large image at the top, called the header. Having bold headers enhances the design of the website as well as the user experience by lighting up every story. The text was treated to a change in font, while also getting an increase in size for easier reading. Oh, and they look really good on your phone now, as you probably know already.

Sports Additions


The power of HeritageHerald.com will allow us to revamp your sports experience. Previously, our websites could only support sports articles and nothing more. Now, we plan to combine regular articles with video highlights, embedded standings, schedules, photo galleries from events, and even more down the road. To accomplish this, we will be keeping our site linked up with the new Wake County Athletics page (wakecountyathletics.com) in an effort to create a steady flow of information between us and our friends in the Athletics Department.