Heritage Records

By: Tom Simpson

Imagine if Eminem had access to a recording studio in his high school. Guess what? Heritage students have the platform to launch recording careers. The Heritage Records is a student-run record label. Founded by Trevor Shores and Malik Walker in the fall of 2012, it has produced two full albums. The first, Room 1613, released in May 2012, met with massive success. Within two weeks, the group received an invitation to a show at Enloe High School where they performed in front of 500 people.

The group’s success continued to climb upward. The Wake Forest Today and WRAL both did features on the club, and the young artists most recently performed at NC State in front of 40 thousand people- opening for Scotty McCreery. Universal Records has also shown interest in partnering with the group and helping distribute records to a wider audience.

Mr. Bullock, the club’s advisor and a contributing artist, has big goals for the group. The group hopes that through album sales they can eventually raise enough money to build their own studio. Interest also exists in expanding the group’s horizons. Bullock recognizes that other talented artists around the school could find a voice through the program. While the first two albums exclusively featured hip hop, alternate styles such as jazz, pop, country, R&B, and even spoken word poetry are readily embraced as ideas for the future. Any students interested in contributing to or joining Heritage Records should see Mr. Bullock in room 1613, or his office room 613.